Helping Animals

We have raised enough money to sponsor a new cage for life at the Help Animals dog shelter in Brussels. This will give wee dugs a chance to stay in comfort at the home and hopefully leave with a new family - just like Louis!

We will continue to support this worthwhile cause which is close to our hearts.


Not everyone is able to adopt an animal but there are still things you can do to help animals in shelters. Check out your local animal shelter, many of them are very happy to receive the following items: old hand and bath towels; cleaning goods; raffle prizes; postage stamps; dog  food; envelopes; paper; and brushes.


Alternatively, simply donating or volunteering to walk the dogs can go a long way!

Helping Children

The Coconut Club in Phuket has been gifted arts and crafts materials and a cash donation from sales of the Louis Louis Book 1. Not only do they love swimming and need donations to keep up lessons, but they also have a wish list. Thanks to those who have been inspired to hold fundraising events to raise money to sponsor a child for a school year!


Scotland  Yard Adventure Centre in Edinburgh is a very special place run by amazing people for amazing children and young adults. It is a purpose built indoor and outdoor adventure playground in Edinburgh for those with additional support needs. It is also a lifeline for many parents and families. They say:


  "We provide care, support, fun and friendship in equal measure while promoting challenge and personal growth in an environment which values independence and celebrates the capabilities and achievements of each individual child."


Although they get a small amount from the Council, the cost of running The Yard exceeds this and so fundraising and donations are vitally important. They are already in possession of Louis Louis books and donations have been made to this truly wonderful place. Watch their video on their website and see for yourself!