Louis Finds a New Home

The first of the Louis books tells of how a little brown dog was adopted from a dog shelter and settles into his new home. He explores his new surroundings with his new family and, as he relaxes down in his new life, sits in the garden looking up to a plane high in the sky. It's a big world out there and time to explore. His suitcase is packed and off they go on their adventures.


"An outstanding picture book"

"Heart warming"

"A handsome cocker spaniel"

"This book has a winning combination of Scottish author and Belgian illustrator and it captures the imagination of all from 3 years to 93 years!

Set in Belgium with backdrops of the African Museum, the wonderful musical fountain in Tervuren and even a number 44 tram! It tells the story of Louis, a little brown dog and how he finds a new home.

An outstanding picture book! Strong simple text by Gillian and Delphine´s drawings are high in artistry. Production is quality and eye-catching.

Lifelong interest to keep you asking - what next for Louis as he travels the world?"


Glasgow, author, journalist and travel writer


"It's cute, it's heart warming  and it's based in Tervuren. This endearing shaggy dog story tells of a forlorn cocker spaniel who sits moping in a Brussels shelter until an expat family takes him home and introduces him to the world's wonders."

4 Stars

The Bulletin




A Scottish writer, a Belgian illustrator and a handsome cocker spaniel! Here’s the first adventure of Louis, a lovely and smart dog who will someday travel all around the world. But first he has to make the most important trip. The one from the animal shelter to his new home in

Tervuren, near the African Museum and discover his new family.

“A Louis Louis book”: a story for children of all ages."

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