Louis Goes to Paris

As Louis arrives at this romantic of cities, you can smell the croissants and coffee.

He explores the well known attractions and finds some new ones on his way.



"Gillian and Delphine once again capture the essence of the surroundings"

Treasure Trove’s favourite dog is off again – on  a romantic trip  to Paris!

Follow Louis from the train station as he discovers the delights of this wonderful city – from the artists at Montmartre to the booksellers along the river and the scary gargoyles at Notre-Dame, not forgetting the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Élysées! You can really smell the coffee and fresh baguettes  as Louis and the family wander down little side streets…

Gillian and Delphine once again capture the essence of the surroundings, each adding their own touches of humour  to the story. Louis, of course, is as loveable as ever – it remains to be seen what the fashionable French poodles think of his romantic overtures! Who could resist him?!

We love this book and can’t wait to see where he goes next …

The Treasure Trove