Ten at last Ted

A paperback novel for teenagers and adults.


Ted just can't wait to be ten.

Life's adventures lie ahead.

He is an ordinary kid.

He is a thinker.

Those who should know better let him down.

This is a work of fiction.

Reality is much worse.


"Hard hitting"

"A horrible truth"

"Thought provoking"

"Just fab"

"Big story"

"I found Ted a hard hitting coming of age story that is thought provoking as well as insightful to how not everyone's childhood is very nice and happy. While reading  the book I became very attached to Ted as well as his sister. I couldn't put the book down, like I was glued to the pages! I expected the story to be rather childish but as I read on I felt as though even myself a teenager could connect and sympathise with this young 10 year old. Ted is very interesting and provoked strong emotions in me while reading it. I strongly believe that this is a great book and recommend it to readers of all ages."

Christian P,

Student from Croatia

"I just wanted to get in touch to say how much reading your book affected me. I work with so many people who are being pushed along this horrible system and so many older ones who have been failed by it. Your writing has a horrible truth running through it. It should be mandatory reading for us all."

Fiona McKenzie,

Director, Centrestage Music Theatre Kilmarnock

"This book has really affected me. Thought provoking and it made me cry.

It will stay with me for a very long time."



"I really liked the way it really seemed to be a ten-year-old boy speaking, especially when he calls drama "gay"; I chuckled. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Personally I feel there was not enough commas, I am a big fan of commas. Overall fab. Just fab."


Student from Estonia


"The little book with the big story."


Prestwick (book group choice)